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DNC: New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

So, ex-Labor Secretary Tom Perez was elected as the next DNC chair, meaning that the Democrats haven't learned anything from last year. It tells me that the party doesn't want to help itself. Runner-up Keith Ellison was named deputy chair by the victor.

The only person who wanted to hold the DNC accountable for rigging the primaries was Sam Ronan, who got no votes.

So, while the election of Perez satisfied the Israel Lobby and the party's big money donors, younger people and others who are tired of the creeping corporatism should understand that the Democrats are on the ropes and they should be preparing to exit the party for a brand new anti corporatist party that resembles true populism as opposed to what Trump is peddling. As a person who has long bashed the idea of a two party system, perhaps the Democratic Party deserves to die. Let's face it, the only reason to back Hillary was because it looked like Trump was going to destroy the Republican Party. Instead, the elephants fell in line and elected a white nationalist.

Further reasons for former Sandernistas to abandon the Dems:
1. The party has lost over 1,000 seats since Obama got elected president. Let that shit sink in.

2. There has been little analysis as to why and how the party has fared so poorly since 2010.

3. The party has failed to do the little things, never mind the big ones.

4. Even though the GOP doubled down on its all-white strategy--and that's months before Trump entered--that party did a post-mortem. Meanwhile, the Democrats refuse to even do an autopsy on what went wrong for them last year other than pointing the finger at Russia.

5. According to a Gallup survey, about 14 million Democrats have left the party and have reregistered as independents.


No political reform in Canada

I see that the Dakotas aren't the only places on this continent where the will of the people is overruled. Up north, Pretty Boy Justin Trudeau has broken a campaign promise to reform Canada's political system.

That just goes to show that Trudeau was truly the epitome of Anyone But Harper in 2015.


Feb. 3rd, 2017

Trump can't even do the role of a despot correctly. After all, when you're trying to oppress a minority, everybody knows that you have to have the plan in place. The fucker couldn't even do that. Now, that's sad.

European super league

A dystopic look at what could have happened if the idea had taken off.

Back in the late '90s, the top European soccer clubs threatened to break away from their domestic leagues and form a super league. As a result, UEFA changed the Champions League from a tournament that only accepted the domestic champions to allowing the most powerful leagues to add up to three at-large teams.

Last year, the talk of a super league reared its ugly head again. The argument for such a league boils down to fans seeing the best teams all across Europe in one setting. The argument against it primarily deals with the potential destruction of domestic leagues.


The home of media freedom

Originally posted by airiefairie at The home of media freedom
The Nordic countries have dominated the global media freedom rankings for years. The Reporters Sans Frontieres report for 2016 makes no exception: the Scandinavian countries occupy the top spots yet again. Finland is 1st again, Norway is in the top 3, followed by Denmark, Sweden is in the top 10, Iceland in the top 20. In comparison, the US is 41st, France 45th, the UK 38th. The question many are asking is, what is the core reason for these achievements? What lessons could the rest of the world learn from Scandinavia?

So let us dig a bit into this. First, the public media in the Nordic countries have to give their best to keep themselves neck in neck with the private outlets, and offer quality that would keep the viewers and readers consistently interested. Of course we are talking about money here, but not only. Many countries around the world (including the developed wold) are trying to cut their public media budgets for the sake of austerity, but the Nordic countries won't allow this to happen. They keep an ambitious approach to the media, believing that a public media could only be successful if it maintains a variety and high quality of the product that it offers. This is the primary criterion for assigning funds on a yearly basis, based on the results. In result, most public media end up offering a stunning variety of materials, from the traditional publicism and research that one might expect from such a media, to sports and even HBO-style entertainment.

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The Top 10 Songs of 2016

1. Mistah FAB-6 Shots
2. Bishop Lamont featuring Ryu & Apathy--Un-American
3. Rag 'n' Bone-Human
4. Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners-This Girl
5. DP Da Prophet-Good Morning America
6. Flume featuring Tove Lo-Say It
7. DJ Shadow featuring Run the Jewels-Nobody Speak
8. Sigma featuring Birdy-Find Me
9. Craig David X Big Narstie-When the Bassline Drops
10. The Avalanches-Because I'm Me

Songs that just missed the cut:
Major Lazer featuring Nyla & Fuse ODG-Light It Up (Remix)
Flume featuring Kai-Never Be Like You
Kideko & George Kwali-Crank It
Solange-Cranes in the Sky